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The St. Frances Cabrini School Council is formed by many who volunteer their time to this advisory body in order to collaborate, cooperate, and co-learn.  Thank you in advance for helping to enhance the educational experience of our students.

2015-2016 Membership


CHAIR:  S. Lajas


Treasurer:  C. Dhulster & J. DeCoutere

Class contacts: K (Denn) C. Dhulster, K (Liston) J. DeCoutere, 1 (Howse) S. Lajas, 1/2 (Melfi) C. Revai, 2 (DeVries) J. VanDeVelde, 3 (Green) E. Loftus, 4 (Schaeffer) B. Kiss, 5/6 (Defreyne) E. Loftus, 6/7 (Hare) M. Leclerc, 8 (Bouw) L. Purgret

Staff Reps:  K. Bouw & D. Pierrsens


Meeting Dates 2015-2016

October 21 at 6pm

November 26 @ *6:30pm

January 20 (2016) @6pm

February 16 @ 6pm

April 7 @ *6:30pm